Branch Services

Branch Services

Study partners/groups

Please get in touch and let us know what you’re studying. We can put you in contact with other people in the Newcastle area studying for the same exams which can be a great help. Also we aim to offer study groups to students so if you would benefit from some help on a particular subject, please let us know you subject areas and we will arrange a study group.

Revision help

CILEx exams are held in January and June each year and we aim to help our members as much as possible. If you need help or guidance we are here to assist you.

Social events

We hold a social event most months throughout the year. Please see our ‘Events’ page for up to date info on forthcoming social events. We try to do something different every month so there’s always something for everyone. These evenings are not only great fun, but a great opportunity for networking and building contacts in the legal world. Feel free to bring along some friends or colleagues too. Examples of previous social events include meals out, drinks nights, meet and greet events, dog racing, horse racing, and bowling.

CPD events

These are held at various times during the year and our members will be informed via email. We will also keep members updated via Facebook and Twitter.