Branch Personnel Day 2017

Branch Personnel Day 2017

CILEx held its 2017 Branch Personnel Day on Friday, 7 July. Bringing together over 40 representatives from our regional branches this was a great opportunity for our branches to get together, enjoy a full day of training, sharing of ideas, best practice and most importantly of all fun!

The day was hosted by CILEx headquarter staff set in the tranquil setting of Box End Park, Bedfordshire.  Click here to view the agenda and see what we got up to at Branch Personnel Day!

Branch Personnel Day began by reflecting on what branches told us last year, what changes could be made for improvement, and looking at how we have moved forward in our plans to support branches in the important work they do. Some of the changes and improvements we have made over the past year for branches include creating a central database of current branch members. In addition, we have created a monthly branch newsletter, which is sent from headquarters to our branch committees, and we have also improved our key annual return process with our branch committees to ease the workload of the branches.

We are also looking closely at developing links between CILEx branches and local employers and businesses, which we believe is extremely important in supporting our local members and expanding our branches too.

We had a different approach to our Branch Personnel day this year, providing external speaker Deborah Ogden, of DO Positive Impact, who spoke about communication, networking, influence and engaging members, which was very interesting and useful.

CILEx regional branches are a valuable resource and support to their members, providing CPD, mentoring and career development opportunities. Our branches are not based in one specific location: meetings, training and social events provided by the branch are held throughout the local area, where venue availability and interest allow. If you have not already joined a branch, perhaps you will now get in touch with your local branch and find out how they can help you!

Click here to view photographs from the day and evening Ball and awards ceremony.

If you are thinking of joining a CILEx Branch but not sure what it will entail or whether it is for you take a look at our video of Branch Personnel Day 2017.

CILEx Branch Personnel Day 2017 – Building a Better Future from CILEx on Vimeo.