About Branches

About Branches

There are a significant number of branches of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx) operating across England and Wales.

What is a CILEx branch?

Local branches are groups of geographically local members who, with the support of the membership department at CILEx headquarters in Kempston, aim to provide support to its members and to represent and raise the profile of CILEx in the local area. They are managed by a committee of volunteers comprising both practising Chartered Legal Executive lawyers and other members of CILEx. 

CILEx regional branches are not based in one specific location; meetings, training and social events provided by the branch are held throughout the local area where venue availability and interest allow. 

CPD and Social Events

Branches are run voluntarily by CILEx members. Your regional branch is likely to run social and educational events, which offer a great way to network with like-minded legal professionals.

We currently have a selection of speakers listed on our Branches Resource page who are available to speak at branch events. This may be an opportunity for branches to hold certain events on specific subjects members may find useful for CPD purposes. Please contact your local branch to inquire with them about the possibility of providing such events.

Joining a Branch

Joining an active local branch of CILEx offers numerous ways of finding additional support and making contacts that can be of benefit to you for the rest of your career.

Branch Personnel Day

As part of a branch you will also get the opportunity to attend the Branch Personnel Day which is held every year at CILEx headquarters. This is a great way to meet other branches and network with them, picking up ideas and best practice on how to create a successful branch. You will also get the opportunity to meet CILEx staff who you may deal with on a regular basis face to face.

As part of the Branch Personnel Day, you also have the opportunity to vote for, or possibly win, a branch award. We currently have awards for Branch Chair of the Year, Most Charitable Branch of the Year, Most Innovative Branch of the Year, Branch Member of the Year and New Branch of the Year. 

If you can't find a branch within your area or region within our regional branches list please do check our upcoming branches page as we often have new branches starting up. 

Further Information

Find out further information about your local branch.